Volunteering in Malawi

Do you want to make your trip to Malawi meaningful and beneficial to the local community?

With Explore Malawi and Nyasa Adventures, we can help you find a community project to suit your skills, interests and time frame. We work hand in hand with local communities and have first hand knowledge to help you choose the right Malawi volunteer project for you. Since we live right here in Malawi, you are guaranteed to have all the necessary support while at the project.

Volunteering in Blantyre is one of the best ways of getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, as well as an opportunity to find out more about local Malawian culture. Currently this Malawi volunteer project is in need of nursery and primary school teachers to help at a Community Based Child Care Centre, as well as at a local primary school. Malawi volunteer teachers can also assist with teacher training, especially at the child care centre. Apart from teaching, you can also be involved in an under-five clinic programme which occurs once or twice a month. You can choose to volunteer from a week to 6 months or more! Contact Us for further information about volunteering in Blantyre.

Children in Ndirande

If you are just visiting Malawi for a short time, then another option would be a day volunteer Malawi experience. There are a number of traditional village projects where you can spend a day playing and teaching kids at an orphan care centre, or have a cup of tea at a local home and explore the local market. Or  for the more arts and crafts orientated, why not learn how to make recycled paper alongside a small village project in the heart of the tea fields? Volunteering in Malawi doesn't need to take an extensive amount of time. Sometimes one-day Malawi volunteer projects are the most rewarding!

Paper Making Tea Fields

Don't miss an opportunity to volunteer at a Malawi orphanage, situated right at the base of  the majestic Mulanje Mountain. Teaching, playing, enjoying traditional dances and learning more about Malawian culture will be all a part of your stay. While volunteering, a weekend away to explore Mulanje Mountain will spice up your stay.

Dancing in Mulanje

A day visit to a community project in Zomba would be another way of getting in touch with your local destination. Zomba Day Tour offers you an opportunity to witness how young people are working together to deal with developmental challenges faced by their communities. Take time to visit the elderly and those living with HIV/AIDS, learn more about village banking and enjoy being part of the local community as they demonstrate how the local community bartering system works! Finish the tour with a local food tasting session as well as traditional dances.

Boys posing Malawi

Volunteering at Cape Maclear - Lake Malawi -  A wide variety of Malawi volunteer programmes are available, including teaching at a local school, assisting with environmental and HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns, getting involved in water projects, as well as in the development of income generating activities.

Fishermen Lake Malawi

While at the lake you can enjoy a day visit to one of the local community projects. Spend an hour or two exploring the village and learn more about local culture and how to prepare local food. This tour will also take you a local boat yard where you can see how traditional lake boats are made using locally available materials.

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