What not to miss on Lake Malawi


Bumpy sand tracks, children waving madly, chickens on the road, stalls of drying fish, twisty turny bends, ancient baobab trees. You are tired, dusty and ready for a sundowner. One last bend and everyone falls quiet. You switch off the engine, leave your shoes in the car and race across the warm sandy beach into the cool, fresh waters of Lake Malawi. You have arrived!


Lake Malawi has a magic about it that is only found in Africa. On each visit to Lake Malawi there is something new to fall in love with, to marvel at and to remember. The beauty isn’t dependent on the budget you have for high end Malawi lodges or the money you spend on diving courses or kayaking adventures. You can gain just as much from this wondrous place by sitting around a camp fire on Domwe Island or travelling on the Ilala Ferry or simply pitching a tent on the beach.

Fishermen at duskMany believe the secret to Lake Malawi is found within the fresh waters, where the spectacular cyclid fish rule fiercely over their territories. Others will tell you that it is the magnificent sunsets or hidden islands and bays. For me, it is sitting on the beach just after sunset and watching the lake come alive with lanterns as the fisherman paddle out for their nighttime catches.

Beach at Norman Carr Cottage, Lake MalawiDomwe Island is our place to hideaway. Arriving by kayak, reading our books on the rocks, cooking fresh fish on the fire, snorkeling through the gap and waking up to a deserted Robinson Crusoe island is our version of paradise! Norman Carr Cottage is our home away from home, with incredible hospitality from Taffy and Jenny, the boat Alfie to take you out each morning and evening, dinner in the beach restaurant and nights spent in the huge double beds; and all for a staggeringly reasonable, all- inclusive price.

To answer the question: why visit Lake Malawi? You must go there and see for yourself. For everyone it holds a different story, memory and magic!

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