Weather in Malawi

Malawi is generally considered to be a year round destination, although the dryer, cooler months of April through to November are typically regarded as the best months to visit. The dry season months, coinciding with European and American summers, makes getting around and travel easier and exhaustive heat less demanding. With less water and thinner vegetation in the parks game viewing is also more prolific, as the game head down from higher ground to the open plains and river courses. Find out the latest temperatures in Malawi with our six-day Malawi weather forecast below.

Although most people avoid the wetter, hotter months of December to March, these are considered to be the ‘resident's paradise', with spectacular green scenery, fewer visitors and a period where the land comes to life, attracting bird watchers, botanists and photographers viewing landscape covered with lush vegetation and life. Additionally breeding and migration season is in full flow, so although wildlife may be harder to view, the abundance of water offers some great wildlife opportunities.

Six-day forecast (Details)°F | °C
Jul 11
Hi:  27°C
Lo:  13°C
Jul 12
Hi:  27°C
Lo:  12°C
Jul 13
Hi:  24°C
Lo:  12°C
Jul 14
Hi:  26°C
Lo:  10°C
Jul 15
Hi:  24°C
Lo:  10°C
Jul 16
Hi:  20°C
Lo:  11°C